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How to use the Pre-Cueing feature?

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017 04:33PM UTC
During your live set, you often want to prepare your next track while the current is still playing, this task is called: Pre-cueing. This set-up divides the sound between your speakers and your headphones. While a track is coming out your speakers, you will have the possibility to hear the next track in your headphones and to prepare your mix. By hearing the two tracks in parallel, you'll be able to launch your transition at the perfect moment. As a result: successful DJ set. 
  • What you need: 1 split cable (3.5mm jack stereo male to two 3.5mm jack mono female) like this one:, or this one:, 1 speaker and 1 headphones. 
  • Plug the main cable in your device, plug the left entrance in the headphones and the right entrance in the speakers. 
  • Load two songs, one on the deck A and one on the deck B 
  • Activate the pre-cueing by clicking ont the headphones on the top right of your screen, once activated the icon turns orange. If you can't see directly the icon, you'll find it by holding the "..." icon in the middle of the deck. 
  • By default, you'll be able to hear the track of the deck A in your speaker and the track of the deck B in your headphones
  • If you put the crossfader on the left, the track of the deck A will be the "Master", so you'll hear it in the speakers. 
  • If you put the crossfader on the right, the track of the deck B will be the "Master"

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